Visa Support

We strongly recommend starting the visa paperwork as soon as possible, preferably upon completing the registration procedure and not waiting for your submission to appear in the final Conference program.

Visa processing entirely depends on your visa history and consular officer, so we cannot make an accurate prediction.

All foreign citizens must obtain an entry visa to the Russian Federation prior to starting your trip, except from the visa-free countries listed below. Please note that we made all efforts to present available up-to-date information on entry visas. However, some countries not listed below might have some additional entry requirements. Please consult the Russian Consulate in your country or an authorized travel agency for additional information.

Visa-Free Countries

(National passport only)

  • Azerbaijan
  • Argentina
  • Armenia
  • Belarus
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Columbia
  • Croatia
  • Israel
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kirgizia
  • Republic of South Korea
  • Moldova
  • Serbia
  • Tadzhikistan
  • Turkey
  • Uzbekistan
  • Ukraine
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

Visa-Free Countries

(National passport + original invitation required)

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Cuba
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Nicaragua
  • Peru
  • Thailand

To enter the Russian Federation a foreign citizen from a country not listed above must provide a valid identity document (such as National passport) and a visa. It is not possible to obtain a visa at the airport, when entering Russia.

Please note. A border officer at the port of entry might ask a visa holder to present a copy of the invitation letter along with your passport and visa. Please make sure to bring that copy with you. At the first crossing of the Russian border you will be given a migration card. It is necessary to hand it over at the departure. During registration on the Conference we will need to scan your passport with a visa and a migration card.

Russian Embassies and Consulates issue entry visas to the foreign citizens abroad not necessarily in the country of permanent residence. Many authorized local travel agencies in your country can assist with visa application and deliver the issued visa to your address. You can find the detailed information on where and how to apply for an entry visa to Russia on the website Russian Consulates Around the World .

In order to be able to come to Russia for HBSM-2018 you should obtain a business visa. To apply for a business visa you should first receive an invitation letter from our host organization which is the Institute for Spectroscopy RAS.

Below please find the necessary steps in obtaining your invitation letter:

  1. Register for HBSM-2018 by filling out and submitting a Registration Form online.
  2. Log in to Personal Page and fill out suggested fields. On this page you need to enter the following information:

          -your place of work or study (organization name, precise postal work address (with a name of the street and a number of building), phone, email);

          -your job title;

          -your personal information:

          -last name (as in passport),

          -first and middle names (as in passport),


          -legal nationality,

          -date of birth,

          -country and city of birth;

  • your passport information:


          -date of issue,

          -date of expiry,

          -issued by (authority).

Also please enter the following information:

  • city and country where you will be applying for your visa (location of the Russian Consulate or authorized visa office);
  • dates of planned entry and departure (add a few days before and after your planned visit);
  • cities in Russia you plan to visit (Moscow, Vladimir, Suzdal etc.);
  • purpose of your visit (to attend HBSM-2018);
  • postal address to which you prefer the official invitation letter to be mailed.
  1. Please add scanned copies of your passport pages with your photo, passport details and a passport extension page, if any, using the corresponding field of the form. If you visited Russia in the last three years please also add scanned pages with previous Russian entry visas.

If you have accompanying persons travelling with you, please, indicate them in the corresponding field.

Please note that all persons accompanying you on this trip are kindly asked to submit an online Registration Form separately.

The invitation letter(s), when ready, will be scanned and sent to your email address.

For citizens of the EU and China the original document(s) can be mailed out to the postal address you’ve entered in the form. Usually it is not necessary because providing electronic copy of your invitation letter is enough. If the original document is required at the time of application for visa do not hesitate to write us email. Please note than it might take two weeks for the delivery by a certified mail service.

For citizens of the US, GB, Canada an invitation letter will be drawn up by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Note that usually it takes one month for preparation.

After receiving your invitation letter(s) you can apply for your visa at the Russian Embassy/Consulate or through an Authorized Agent in your home country or in the country where you temporarily reside. Please be aware that the application requirements might vary from country to country and might add two extra weeks to the process of getting your visa. You may find the consulate where you plan to apply on the website Russian Consulates Around the World .

From all of the above, when planning your trip please allow sufficient time for obtaining your entry visa.

Should you have any questions or inquiries with regard to receiving your Invitation Letter please contact Dr. Kamil Karimullin by email kamil@isan.troitsk.ru